White Glove Shipping

Carrying Capacity- An expedited trucking company must send a vehicle with enough space to store all of its clients’ goods, but not so much space as to charge …

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a fusiontransportation truck for white glove shipping

White Glove Shipping

White glove service delivery is a type of transportation service which the driver must perform additional services with the cargo to satisfy the specific needs of the customer. This type of transportation services are referred to white glove delivery service. Typically the driver is called upon to handle, load, unload, the freight in some capacity. White glove service could mean the driver is taking the freight inside a facility, setting up the product, unwrapping and removing the debris and packaging. White glove delivery is reserved for products such as electronics, art, medical equipment, high value cargo, and sensitive freight. Many customers have unique logistical needs and Fusion Transportation Group is up to the challenge. Our drivers are expertly trained to provide white glove services in the expedited freight industry. The goal is always to deliver the product safe and on time while reducing claims and freight damage. Transportation always has its set of unique challenges, white glove transportation services are one of those niche’ services in the freight industry. If your freight is fragile, heavy, high value, valuable or unique call Fusion Transportation Group for your white glove transportation needs.

why choose us

Fusion Transportation Group expertly trains each and every driver in white glove delivery service. Our equipment is specially outfitted with specialized locking and strapping mechanisms to adequately secure your white glove freight. All of our trucks are equipped with specialized straps, load locks , and padded freight wrapping blankets. This specialized equipment in conjunction with our expertly trained drivers allows Fusion Transportation Group to handle all of your white glove unique freight delivery needs. If you need special equipment such as pallet jacks, ramps, handcarts, or liftgate service call Fusion today at 877 348 4015.
a fusiontransportation truck for white glove shipping

what we provide

When it comes to white glove and expedited freight, look no further than Fusion Transportation Group. With over 15 years of safe and reliable service for our customers, you can trust Fusion for your next white glove delivery. Call Fusion today at 877-348 4015 and speak with one of our logistics consultants. We are here 24 hours a day in order to assist you with your challenging white glove delivery needs. Each shipment has its unique set of logistical challenges, Fusion Transportation Group is up to the task.

  • Each truck is outfitted with specialized load securement devices
  • Drivers are trained to expertly handle your unique white glove transportation needs
  • Shipment tracking
  • Email alerts
  • White Glove Delivery Service
  • Expedite Transportation and Logistics
  • Expedited Trucking
  • Expedite Shipping