Medical Equipment Shipping

Carrying Capacity- An expedited trucking company must send a vehicle with enough space to store all of its clients’ goods, but not so much space as to charge …

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a fusiontransportation truck for medical equipment shipping

Medical Equipment Shipping

Since 2005 Fusion Transportation Group has been a key medical equipment transportation provider carrier transporting medical and hospital equipment across the continental United States. During the ongoing Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, Fusion Transportation Group was contracted by many hospitals, medical facilities, and logistics partners to transport medical equipment and supplies throughout the United States.

The safest way to ensure urgent medical equipment and supplies reach its destination for critical patient care, is the contract exclusive use truck with an expedited medical equipment transportation provider such as Fusion Transportation Group. Our door to door service will insure your medical equipment and supplies will be delivered safe and time on time.

types of medical equipment Shipping

There are many types of medical equipment that are transported in our exclusive use vehicles such as hospital beds, MRI imaging machines, X Rays machines, laser equipment, surgical devices, lab equipment, PPE, ventilators, are among the types of medical equipment that is shipped. Shipping medical equipment is often a delicate endeavor. Many medical devices are equipped with specialized finely tuned parts that must be handled with the utmost care and safety. Often medical equipment is odd shaped, oversized, or fragile so the medical supply transporter must possess the expertise, dedication, and training to handle the most sensitive metal equipment shipping needs.

a fusiontransportation truck for medical equipment shipping

Why choose us

Many clients utilize our white glove service to handle sensitive medical and hospital equipment shipping. Trucks and drivers at Fusion Transportation Group are equipped to handle the most sensitive medical equipment. Fusion Transportation Group expertly trains each and every driver in the safe handling and securement of medical equipment and supply cargo. Our clients often reach out to our logistics experts for a free consultation to insure the safe transport of their most sensitive medical equipment cargo.

Often shipping medical equipment comes with iits own unique set of challenges. Since medical equipment and supplies are in such high demand due to the ongoing Covid-19 Coronavirus epidemic, many customers are trusting Fusion Transportation Group to insure their medical supply shipments arrive safe and on time.  Delays and damages to medical supplies in transit are to be avoided at all costs. The stakes are high and the consequences are even higher do the short supply of certain medical supplies, devices, and equipment available in the market. When patient care matters most, visibility and reliability are key when shipping medical equipment and supplies. Fusion Transportation Group is staffed 24 hours a day seven days a week to insure your medical equipment and supplies will be delivered safe and on time and put into production performing much needed medical procedures. We offer email updates and on line tracking services to ensure medical equipment product visibility is available throughout the pickup and delivery process for our clients.

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