Expedited Shipping

With expedited trucking, you can feel confident your urgent deliveries are made on-time, every time. Are you in a situation where fast delivery isn’t preferred but …

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a fusiontransportation truck for expedited shipping

What is expedited shipping?

Many of us have shipped a product with UPS, FedEx, and The United States Postal Service. It seems almost everybody has an Amazon account and receiving products from Amazon Freight. Often this mode of trucking and transport takes several days or weeks to reach the destination since most products are transferred many times at cross docking facilities and relayed onto different trucks. The is not the case with expedited shipping.

how it works

When shipping expedite, typically the product has to get to the destination in an expedited fashion. When shipping expedite you are choosing a mode of trucking and transportation that picks up the product and delivers it directly to the destination all on the same truck. The truck and driver are dedicated to you and delivering your product at the specified time to meet whatever demands your customer needs. In order to achieve this high level of specialized expedited shipping service our expert team of logistics managers track your freight from origin to destination every step of the way. Each expedited shipment is GPS satellite tracked to insure expedited delivery appointments, and our drivers all have nationwide cell phone coverage. Fusion Transportation Group operates 365 days a week, 24 hours a day. Each of our drivers at Fusion. are expertly trained to perform at his or her highest level to ensure your expedited freight is picked up and delivered safe and on time. Our drivers are well versed with expediting sensitive high value cargo, and expertly trained and how to safely load and securely transport the most difficult expedite loads. We are here when you need us the most to ensure your time critical expedited shipping and transportation needs are met when you need it most.
a fusiontransportation truck for expedited shipping

why choose us

Fusion Transportation Group utilizes many types of expedite vehicles to ensure our customers needs are always met while offering the most cost effective expedited shipping solution available. Our expedited fleet consists of sprinter vans. box trucks., and large straight trucks. Many customers trust Fusion Transportation Group to handle its expedited shipping needs. We are very proud to be called upon help expedite the relief products for the coronavirus during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fusion Transportation Group was contracted to deliver much needed ventilators and PPE equipment to many hospitals and clinics across the country. Many industries trust Fusion for its expedited shipping and transportation needs such as the automotive industry, manufacturing, electronics, retail, aerospace, hospitals, and medical clinics.

What does expedited shipping and transport mean?

At Fusion Transportation Group it is much more than just providing a truck and a driver to pick up an expedited shipment . We strive to provide the best possible service for our clients, being safe and on time. We do not just deliver expedited freight, we deliver service.