Electronics Shipping

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a fusiontransportation truck for electronics shipping

Electronics Shipping

The world relies on electronics, in no other time in history has the been such a need for a specialized transportation service with the know how to safely transport sensitive electronic equipment. Traditionally companies like UPS, FedEx, the United Postal Service or using a less than truckload trucking company (LTL) has been the traditional mode to ship electronics. While at times this solution may be cost effective, there is an inherent risk of increased cargo claims and unseen internal damage to sensitive electronic equipment. Shipping electronic equipment this way often involves your product moving between many trucks, forklifts, cross docks, conveyor belts, transferred and handled several times…you get the picture. We have all seen the pictures online, of the big screen TV with the screen cracked due the a shipping incident. Some of my friends had had tens of thousands of dollars of high end audiophile speakers and tube amplifiers damaged that were unrepairable. The only recourse it to try to file a damage claim with the shipping courier, keep in mind thousands of other people every day filing damage claims across the country for freight damage. With all this logistics going on with your sensitive electronic equipment the risk is much higher, but rest assures there are much safer and reliable solutions on the market when the need arises to transport sensitive and high value electronic equipment and components. Our electronics shipping solution ensures electronic equipment will be shipped and delivered safely and on time at a cost that is competitive with other modes of shipping.

a fusiontransportation truck for electronics shipping

why choose us

Fusion Transportation Group has been successfully shipping electronic equipment across the continental United States since 2005. We carry high value cargo insurance to accommodate your most urgent and high value electronic equipment shipping needs. It all starts with sourcing qualified drivers and a great understanding of cargo safety and specialized electronics cargo securement practices that ensure safe an on-time delivery of the most sensitive high value electronic equipment. There are a lot of companies that claim they ship electronic equipment, but many of these companies outsource to an outside transportation company to maximize profitability. In order to ensure quality control and safety of your electronic electronics we first and foremost utilize our own trucks and drivers while transporting your sensitive electronic products. The truck is exclusive to your product, it is the same truck and driver at origin and destination. Once the cargo is loaded and safely secured it remains safe and secure on our truck until it reaches its destination. This is the best way to ship electronics and by far the safest and most secure. This exclusive use transportation process for shipping sensitive and high value electronic cargo, ensures that we can control and mitigate the factors that cause issues when shipping electronic equipment while greatly reducing claims while increasing safety and on time performance.

a fusiontransportation truck for electronics shipping

Some of the products and industries we service

Some of the products and industries we service:

  • Automotive production parts and electrical components
  • Aerospace and aviation electronics
  • Industrial electrical components
  • Medical equipment and device electrical parts and components
  • Information technology (IT), Computers, servers, switches, data centers, and electrical hardware
  • Document imaging, scanning, plotter, printers, and office equipment
  • Communication and telecom systems and hardware

Mining and refinery components and equipment