Expedited Trucking

Carrying Capacity- An expedited trucking company must send a vehicle with enough space to store all of its clients’ goods, but not so much space as to charge …

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a fusiontransportation truck for expedited trucking

What is expedited trucking?

Expedited trucking is a special mode of transportation where their product is picked up and delivered directly to the destination or must meet a specific delivery time. Expedited trucking typically uses smaller more nimble types of expedited trucks such as sprinter vans, box trucks, and large straight trucks. Expedited trucks such as sprinter van are not regulated by to the Department of Transportation hours of service rules and regulations. This means expedited sprinter vans can drive longer hours than more conventional trucks. Fusion transportation group expertly monitors each shipment to ensure your product safely and on time. Expedited trucks such as box trucks and straight trucks, often need to follow hours of service rules and regulations but offer a more cost effective solution versus a tractor trailer. Expedited trucks are outfitted with special cargo securement apparatus is in the cargo area which allows expedited trucking companies like Fusion transportation Group to properly sand safely secure the most sensitive expedited cargo. Our equipment our all outfitted with blankets and offer blanket wrap services for fragile cargo to ensure your product arrives safely and undamaged. Expedited trucking companies take pride in delivering expedited shipments safe in on time. Fusion transportation group has a stellar reputation in the expedited trucking industry providing safe and on time delivery service for many Fortune 500 customers across the continental United States.

The role of logistics

Logistics is the lifeblood of many businesses across the country. Many companies rely on expedited trucking for the delivery of raw materials to manufacture their products. In turn those same customers rely on expedited trucking companies to safely deliver their products to their customers. Fusion Transportation Group has a strong pedigree and expedited trucking that spans over 20 years. We expert train our drivers to perform their expedited trucking duty as safe as possible while performing the highest possible on time delivery service for our customers. Many companies try to call themselves expedited truckers, but many are freight brokers that often give your product to the lowest bidder. At Fusion transportation group you can rest assured that your product will be on one of our Fusion trucks, driven by one of our Fusion Transportation expedite drivers to insure your product has the visibility and security it needs to get to its destination safe and on time.
a fusiontransportation truck for expedited trucking

Why choose us

Expedited trucking is not a nine to five endeavor. Expedited trucking is 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. Fusion Transportation Group customer service teams is staffed around the clock to answer any questions you may have and to provide the best possible service for our customers. If you ever find yourself in need of an expedited trucking company look no further than Fusion Transportation Group for expedited trucking needs.

Fusion transportation group, born in the Detroit area; the Motor City. We have service center is located across the United States to provide our customers with equipment when it is needed the most. Expedited logistics can be demanding, our customers rely on Fusion Transportation Group to deliver its products on time to meet its strict production needs. Call Fusion today for expedited trucking needs.