Expedited Freight

Carrying Capacity- An expedited trucking company must send a vehicle with enough space to store all of its clients’ goods, but not so much space as to charge …

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a fusiontransportation truck for expedited freight

Why Choose us

There are typically 3 reasons why our customers contact Fusion Transportation Group when they have an urgent need to ship expedited freight.

  • Time
  • Exclusivity
  • Fragile or Special Handling Cargo


When time is money and your product must get to the destination at a specific time, customers call Fusion Transportation Group to ship their expedited freight. There are many reasons why customers need to ship expedite freight. Typically, it is to meet tight production schedules when the product must be put into a production process such as automotive plants, medical facilities or meet a crew at a job site. Other industries such as entertainment and tradeshows need to meet concert or exhibit schedules. Many customers with expedited shipping needs and tight delivery schedules contact Fusion Transportation Group to ensure their expedited freight is delivered safe on time.


Often many companies decide to ship freight expedited for the exclusive use of the equipment. Some expedited freight can be sensitive like food grade materials and products that require special handling. There is many types of expedited freight that have specific needs and many times expedited freight cannot be combined with other shipments on a truck, or the product must be carefully handled and cannot he transferred at different cross docks at different locations in route to the destination. Expedited freight is often considered time sensitive, but there are many other circumstances for a customers to request expedited trucks so their products can be loaded on an exclusive used truck with Fusion Transportation Group.
a fusiontransportation truck for expedited freight

Fragile or Special Handling Cargo

Expedite freight means versatility, not only must expedite freight delivered on time; expedite trucks must be ready for all types of different cargo configurations and challenges at any given time. Expedited freight can be a product that must be protected from freezing, or a fragile commodity they must be loaded with expert care. Sometimes with expedited freight, drivers are required to hand load or unload the freight on the truck. These are all services the expert expedite carrier’s like Fusion Transportation Group perform on a daily basis for our customers. At At Fusion Transportation Group, each and every driver is expertly trained to handle and specially load expedited freight and sensitive products to mitigate cargo claims and to ensure your expedited freight gets delivered safely and on time.

how we manage expedited freight

When managing expedited freight, it comes down to control. Fusion Transportation Group controls all the factors that go into safely picking up and delivering your expedited freight on time by ensuring it always gets transported by a Fusion Transportation Group truck and driver. Many companies will claim they are expedited freight carriers, but often they broker your expedited freight to the lowest bidder. The only way to ensure safety, is to know the driver hauling your expedited freight. At Fusion Transportation Group each driver goes through rigorous training program to ensure safe driving, save cargo handling, superior customer service and on time performance. Our customer service team is composed of veteran logistics coordinators with many decades of experience in the industry. It is not about how many loads we ship every day, it is about the quality of service we provide our customers when hauling expedited cargo. Call Fusion Transportation Group today for your expedited freight needs.