Audiophile Shipping

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Audiophile Shipping

Nothing it more exciting to an audiophile then receiving that package on the front porch of the latest audio purchase. Finally, after much anticipation that tube amp, turntable, DAC, music server, or set of speakers finally has been delivered and is here!

On the flipside nothing is more heartbreaking for an audiophile when he or she receives the package to find their newest audio file component was damaged while being shipped. Then the real fun begins, time to file the dreaded claim. The rub salt in the audiophile’s wounds, the owner sometimes must give up that component to get the claim resolved which could take many weeks and months of not enjoying your latest purchase.

Audiophile audio equipment by nature is finely tuned electronics sensitive to vibrations and temperature variations. As careful is the packaging usually is, your common modes of transport such as FedEx, UPS, The US Postal Service, is set up for cost effectiveness and efficiency not for shipping sensitive audio file grade electronic equipment. Even though the piece may arrive undamaged to the naked eye, who is to say the internal electrical components, soldier joints, tubes, speaker voice coils transistors, capacitors (the list goes on and on) was not somehow damaged during the shipping process with all the bumping around switching between trucks and terminals. Typically, your high-end audiophile grade equipment manufacturers extend warranties to their customers that often last for years, this could be very problematic and costly on the back end for many high-end audiophile grade equipment manufacturers.

All audiophiles want to do is open the box, hook up the component and listen the beautiful music. A set of speakers may cost a few thousand dollars, which is not all that much in the landscape of audiophile gear. But many of these pieces are becoming more and more rare, and replacement parts harder and harder to find. Many of these pieces are hand built by expert craftsman, getting that wood grain to match, or the exact replacement part can be next to impossible. Shipping audiophile grade electronics is no different than shipping any other fragile, sensitive, high value cargo item that Fusion Transportation Group transports daily. Packaging and crating is very important, the only way to insure safe shipping of high valued audio gear is the use of exclusive use equipment, the same truck the same driver from origin to destination. At Fusion Transportation Group, our drivers are expertly trained to safely secure and transport most sensitive audiophile grade electronics.

With reference level audiophile electronic equipment, often an amplifier or set of speakers can cost upwards of $100,000. Even in the used market these pieces still sell for tens of thousands of dollars. Nothing keeps an audiophile equipment manufacturer up at night more than hoping his latest multi thousand-dollar purchase is delivered safely and secure it to the client. Also, the anticipation for the customer is also very high. At Fusion Transportation Group not only do we understand high end audio, many of us are also audiophiles and understand the importance and the need for a specialized shipping service for our industry. Nothing makes us cringe more than seeing the pic of a friend’s speaker with a crushed corner or baffle, or to see a big gouge in the beautiful aluminum housing of a new amplifier.  Shipping audiophile electronics take care and skill. These rare and sometimes expensive pieces are looked upon much like a fine musical instrument and often hold value fairly well and need to be shipped and transported as such to protect the investment.


The best way to ship speakers and amplifiers is by far on a dedicated truck. At Fusion Transportation we also have a fleet of sprinter vans that can offer a competitive option for safe delivery of you audiophile equipment. Give us a call today, we would love to talk about your amps and speakers and see how we can safely and securely get them delivered and making beautiful music.