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Ground Shipping Services
From Expedited Freight
As an expedited trucking company with a long history operating in diverse regions of the United States and Canada, ExpeditedFreight.com understands all the flaws of the moderating shipping industry. We have taken it upon ourselves to address those flaws, offering expedited delivery services to manufacturers and other clients at an unprecedented level of quality.

The ExpeditedFreight.com Endeavor

One of the most serious problems with modern expediting is the tendency to let safety take a backseat. It’s common for an expedited freight company to be so focused on delivering the order quickly that they fail to take key safety precautions, such as loading specialized storage equipment or avoiding bumpy roads. But ExpeditedFreight.com never cuts corners on safety. By investing in the best people, vehicles, and equipment, we ensure everything you order arrives in pristine condition.

Just because we make safety a priority doesn’t mean we neglect speed. In fact, ExpeditedFreight.com goes a step further than the typical expedited freight service by offering consistent speeds across a wide range of circumstances and distances. Through careful planning and effective staffing, we make sure that our vehicles can complete the job within your schedule no matter what issues they encounter along the way. As a result, not only do we deliver at high average speeds, but you can expect those speeds for any particular delivery.

Customer service plays a key role in quality shipping, which is why ExpeditedFreight.com maintains a support office that you can call at any time before, during, or after your delivery. Our service team is happy to answer your questions, report your order’s location, or give you free estimates for future deliveries. No matter what kind of support you need, we’re happy to provide it at a moment’s notice.ExpeditedFreight.com offers a wide range of shipping and vehicle options, upholding the same high standards for all of them. Whether you need regular shipments across the country, an emergency delivery over a few hundred miles, or any other expedited services, you can count on us to get the job done affordably and effectively.

The ExpeditedFreight.com Endeavor

In order to provide the best possible service to as many clients as possible, ExpeditedFreight.com has developed a comprehensive strategy for success. By understanding this strategy, you can make the most of our services:

  • What We Do – ExpeditedFreight.com divides our services into two main categories: standard and emergency. Standard services involve delivering over predetermined routes on a regular basis. Our goal with these services is to speed up your supply chain so that you can operate more efficiently during business as usual. By contrast, our emergency services involve delivering items that you must order suddenly. With these services, we resolve supply shortages, standard delivery failures, and other unpredictable shipping issues.
  • How We Do It – ExpeditedFreight.com invests in the best people, equipment, and vehicles to get the job done. We hire only responsible, safe drivers, and send them out in teams of two so they have a chance to rest without stopping the vehicle. Likewise, we maintain fleets of quality vehicles all over the country, so that we can ship from any location at a moment’s notice. And we use specialized storage equipment to keep your goods safe in the bed of those vehicles. Combined with our proactive route planning, this ensures safe and swift results for all our clients.
  • When We Do It – ExpeditedFreight.com is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ship your items. No matter when you need a delivery, we’re there to provide it.

Dan Boaz & ExpeditedFreight.com

ExpeditedFreight.com owes its success to Dan Boaz, an entrepreneur and logistics expert who founded the company and its parent organization, AirFreight.com. Dan has been involved in logistics since the beginning of his career. He started out in 1985 working as a truck driver for UPS, a position that allowed him to observe the delivery process at its most fundamental level. From this experience, he understood the needs drivers have and the challenges they face on the road. He later advanced to a management position at UPS, and then Founded Vital Express. These experiences showed him the resource and organizational challenges of running a delivery service, particularly one that owns and maintains a fleet of vehicles.

Based on his work as a truck driver and manager, Dan developed a plan for a new kind of expedited delivery service that would ship more efficiently and safely than any before it. His plans were bolstered by the rise of the Internet, which he quickly realized held the key to connecting with and organizing services for a myriad of business clients. Rather than owning trucks directly, Dan discovered that he could take clients’ orders online and then organize shipments with outside vehicles. Based on these plans, he launched AirFreight.com, which coordinated both air delivery services and the ground shipping necessary to get clients’ goods to the airports for those deliveries.

Since its inception in 2007, AirFreight.com quickly expanded, bringing in more and more clients from a variety of different backgrounds. Dan quickly realized that in addition to air deliveries, there was a large market for shipping services conducted entirely on the ground. He them launched ExpeditedFreight.com a subsidiary of the AirFreight.com. Dan took advantage of his experience as a UPS driver, organizing his truck and other staff so that they could do their work efficiently and with minimal risk to their inventory. In this way, he was able to appeal directly to manufacturers and other companies that needed quick, safe ground deliveries from their local supply chains.

Dan continues to lead ExpeditedFreight.com and all its affiliates. By making regular improvements to its resources and shipping models, he is able to deliver more rapidly and safely with each year, providing clients with a standard of service that never stops rising.

For more information on the ExpeditedFreight.com strategy for success, call us today at (800) 713-1000.