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Automotive Transportation

More efficient operations means more productivity, and Fusion Transportation Group provides 24/7/365 reliability for just-in-time production lines.

We’re well-equipped to meet strict delivery requirements and rigorous production deadlines in today’s automotive industry.

With complete end-to-end tracking of your shipments Via our GPS vehicle positioning system, you can be sure the necessary materials will meet Anticipated arrival times and be on-hand to keep the production lines moving.

For delivery deadlines requiring air freight and charter options, our air network provides The flight options and faster service possible to meet your timeframe.

  • Servicing Michigan and Ohio Tier One
  • Direct to Tier One assembly
  • Just-in-time manufacturing
  • Savings through inventory reduction
  • From vendor to assembly line
  • Vendor-to-vendor transfer
  • Heavy duty truck engines
  • Servicing Class 8 H.D. truck manufacturing and assembly
  • Light duty military vehicle assembly